Cascade Lead's came is made from a very closely controlled alloy that combines a fine grain structure with high strength. We start with 100% pure lead to which we add exacting quantities of tin, antimony, copper, and bismuth. The came is still over 99% pure lead but you can now stretch the lead to its breaking point and still maintain a fine grain structure. This alloy also prevents oxidation, which makes for easier soldering and allows for a long shelf life without tarnishing.

Choose from a variety of five different lead alloys. Custom alloys are also available for projects that have specific certification requirements.

Extra Soft Came - Commonly used by artists who like a malleable product to work with.  
Regular Came - Most popular in restoration projects.  
#2 Alloy - Medium strength and also our best selling lead came (Do not confuse #2 for percentage of antimony).  
4% Antimony - Significantly stronger than #2.
6% Antimony - Our strongest alloy.

*Custom dies available upon request.

For your convienence feel free to visit our Conversion page which will show the equivalent in fractions of an inch or metric when calculating measurements.