• What is came/sash?

Came is a channel used to interconnect glass into stained glass art. Came typically comes in an H or U shape. The glass sits in the channel and is then cut and soldered to hold the glass in place. This traditional method is also referred to as glazing or leading.

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• Why Cascade Metals lead came is world renowned?

Cascade Lead's came is made from a very closely controlled alloy that combines a fine grain structure with high strength. We start with 100% pure lead to which we add exacting quantities of tin, antimony, copper, and bismuth. The came is still over 99% pure lead but you can now stretch the lead to its breaking point and still maintain a fine grain structure. This alloy also prevents oxidation, which makes for easier soldering and allows for a long shelf life without tarnishing.

We carry a variety of five different strengths of lead came: 

Extra Soft Came - Commonly used by artists in Europe who like a malleable product to work with. 
Regular Came - Slightly softer than our #2. 
#2 Alloy - Medium strength lead and is also our best selling. Do not confuse #2 for percentage of antimony.  
4% Antimony - Significantly stronger than #2.
6% Antimony  - Our strongest alloy.

Every art glass project is different and every stained glass artist has their own style of came they like to work with. All of Cascade's lead is produced in house, which is why we have the ability to match a lead alloy to your projects specifications. 

• Can we make custom dies for our customers?

Yes. If we don't already have a profile that matches a customers requirements, then we can custom design a die in approximately five business days.

• Where can I find Cascade's products?

We have distributors world wide. Contact us at for a distributor close to you. 


• Metals are heavy and expensive to ship around the globe. Are your rates competitive?

We have competitive global pricing and excellent freight rates. Large volume orders can be completed sometimes within one week. Contact us at for a free quote today.

• Can I buy direct?

We sell our products through distributors and OEM's. For further information contact us directly at